Welcome to Smil Foto and our webpage where you order the pictures we have taken of your child

This is a short manual on how to order pictures, and links to our customer services , that will be happy to help you if you have any queries.

You can set this website to be partially translated to English by clicking English in the top right corner. We are working on getting the a complete translation of all our pages.

We have made an arrangement with your child’s school, sports club or kindergarten. They have kindly given us the child’s names, addresses and your e-mail and cell phone number. Names of children that attend schools and kindergarten is official information in Norway, and we as a photo company are required by law to give you information that pictures have been taken.

When we have been taken pictures of your child, we send you an e-mail and a sms with your child’s picture code, called «Bildekode». Use the e-mail link to go into our web shop and then use the picture code «Bildekode» to create a user. Type in your e-mail address and then chose your own, personal password. Then click on the link that says «Logg Inn».

Here you will see all the pictures we have taken of your child. If you want to order any of them, we have pre-set some packages for you. It is a large, medium and small package, depending on how many pictures you would like to order. Just click on the package that you prefer.

If you only want one picture, for example only the group picture, or just one portrait, go to the left menu and click on other picture products «Nettbutikk ». On this page, you can pick the product you want. Click on the product and you automatically get back to the page where you can choose witch picture you like to use from all the pictures that is available from the menu in the scrollbar.

When you have decided that you feel ready to order, click on the red button that says place my order in the shopping basket «Legg i handlekurv».

A pop up will appear asking you to confirm the products you have chosen. Click again on the red button that says place my order in the shopping basket «Legg i handlekurv».

A page will appear that asks you to finish, click the red button confirm «Fullfør» or you can go back to the shop to add more to your order by clicking on the grey button that says add more «Legg til flere».

If you still feel that you are happy with your order, click the red button confirm «Fullfør».

You will get a pop up asking you if you would like to add a digital high resolution file of all your pictures for only 199,-NOK if you have chosen one of the pre-set packages. If that is something you want, click outside the name of your child (some have more children in one order) and then click on the red button that says yes buy now «Ja, kjøp nå». The digital file will appear on My page «Min side» on the left side menu on the front page when your order has been done.

The next page takes you to your payment alternatives. We accept Norwegian cards as MasterCard and visa, or you can choose to pay by invoice.

Fill inn your name, address, postal code and city, and then choose between online payments or invoice «Faktura».

Please click on the button that says I accept Smil Fotos terms of conditions «Jeg aksepterer Smil Foto kjøpsvilkår» before you click the red button confirm my order «Fullfør bestilling». There is a summary of your order that shows you the total of your payment in NOK on top of the page on the right hand side.

When you have clicked on confirm my order «Fullfør bestilling», you will receive an e-mail with a reference number. If you have any queries about your order, please always have this number by hand when you contact us.

We can be reached on e-mail: kundeservice@smil-foto.com or by phone 57 88 35 10.

No questions are too small to ask – we are here to help